Sanger Boys Wrestling 2018-19 Season Preview

The Sanger Apache Wrestling Team will host The Hoover Patriots for their season home opener on Wednesday November 28th in the SHS small gym. Junior Varsity will begin at 5:30 pm as the Varsity will follow at 7pm.

The Apaches are led by Senior Rene Martinez, Senior Samson Mansy, Sophomore Christian Gonzales, and Junior Vincent Stafford who are all returning wrestlers looking to have a successful season and get their names in the history books.

Wednesday’s Varsity lineup will consist of 4 Freshman who have earned their spots on the starting line up. At 106 lbs Freshman Zack Butts, 132 lbs Freshman Fernando Gonzales, 138 lbs Freshman Randeep Singh, and at HWT Freshman Tomas Takeda.

Two Lady Apaches will be weighing in for the dual for potential exhibition matches. Sophomore Alexa Ortiz and Sophomore Alyssa De Jesus-Pineda


106- Zack Butts (9th)

113- Christian Gonzales (10th)

120- Samson Mansy (12th)

126- Gabriel Manzano (10th)

132- Fernando Gonzales (9th)

138- Randeep Singh (9th)

145- Steven Jacques (11th)

152- Vincent Stafford (11th)

160- Isaac Tellez (10th)

170- Nick Morales (11th)

182- Holden Puga (11th)

195- Eloy Escareno (10th)

220- Rene Martinez (12th)

HWT- Tomas Takeda (9th)

Girls Varsity:

106- Alyssa De Jesus-Pineda

111- Alexa Ortiz

Junior Varsity:

106- Jorge Ortiz (9th)

113- Harley Aguirre (9th)

120- Erik Guerrero (10th)

126- Emanuel Salazar (11th)

132- Allen Pelayo (9th)

138- Ethan Denton (11th)

145- Moises Navarro (11th)

152- Michael Allen (10th)

160- Cameron Diaz (10th)

170- TBD

182- David Wright (10th)

195- Ajveer Bains (10th)

220- Thomas Strambi (11th)

HWT- Ray Cabrera (10th)

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